We are proud to announce our first 7-inch vinyl single. It will be released end Q1 2021.         

It holds two songs - "God Bomb" and "Post Sonic Age".

Pressed in red and black marbled vinyl it is truly an awesome object to behold.

We are taking preorders from NOW. During this pre-order phase you can also pick up a CD of our acclaimed 4th album SLAUGHTERBAHN for an extra £5GBP. Just select the PRE-ORDER DEAL from the dropdown menu below.

Your payment will be securely handled by PayPal.

You will also be emailed mp3's of both tracks.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to severe C-19 workplace restrictions the pressing process has been greatly delayed. We only received our test pressings on 15th Dec 2020 but are pleased to announce they were immediately approved for production. They sound great. If you have a pre-order and would like your mp3's emailed in advance please contact us accordingly.

We will keep you all updated as soon as we have further details.

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